Refined Glycerine Supplier

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Refined Glycerine

Glycerine is one of the commodities derived from either animal or vegetable oils and fats where the majority of it is obtained from vegetable oils from soybean, coconut, and palm oils. In addition, the refinery process of crude glycerine can obtain refined glycerine. Furthermore, Refined glycerine is a clear liquid in appearance, while crude glycerine is a yellowish liquid. In addition, refined glycerine is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, and personal care applications due to its low toxicity. Tradeasia International as refined glycerine supplier provides you with refined glycerine for your market solution. Get refined glycerine in different grades and packaging right now.

Refined Glycerine Supplier

Manufacturing Process

The process of making refined glycerine

Glycerine is obtained from the saponification or transesterification of triglycerides where it react with alcohols, such as ethanol with small amounts of bases, as a catalyst to give esters of fatty acids and glycerol. In other words, Triglycerides are esters of glycerol with long-chain carboxylic acids, which are found in fats and oils. As the result of saponification process, the by-products formed are salts of long-chain carboxylic acids. In addition, crude glycerine also comes from the production of biodiesel through the transesterification process.


refined glycerine aplication for food applications

Food Industry

Glycerin has various roles in food application. Firstly, in foods and beverages to keep foods moisturized, sweetened, act as a solvent, and as a food preservative. Secondly, The thickener for over-the-counter low-fat foods such as cookies and  for foods such as liqueur. And thirdly as a sugar substitute because bacteria do not eat glycerin, so they do not cause tooth decay.

refined glycerine aplication as intermediet reaction

Intermediate Chemicals

the production of nitroglycerin for explosives and propellants use Glycerin. In addition, to produce allyl iodide by adding phosphorus and iodine. Because, they are commonly used as polymers, preservatives, organometallic catalysts and pharmaceuticals.

refined glycerine aplication as solvent


Glycerine can form strong hydrogen bonds with water, so glycerol-water bonds are superior to water-water hydrogen bonds. Therefore, the formation of ice is hindered unless the temperature is very low. Besides, automobiles use This antifreeze because glycerine has low toxicity despite being restored by ethylene glycol.

refined glycerine aplication for medical application

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Glycerine could improve smoothness and lubricity and maintain moisture. So that, it is widely used in a variety of medical and pharmaceutical products, such as cough syrup and personal care products, such as mouthwashes. In addition, it is also a component of glycerine soap, which adds essential oils for fragrance. Because of the water-retaining properties of glycerine, it matches to people with sensitive skin.