Soya Based

Refined Glycerine – Soya Based

Soya based refined glycerine are sourced from the extraction and decomposition of soya bean. Soya bean oil are an alternative to other crop based oil. We offer soya based refine glycerine with a variety of specifications to offer. 

Manufacturing Process


During the initial phase, the soybeans are cleaned to prevent any impurities from going into the processing. The hull of the beans are cracked open and removed as the skin absorbs the oil.


The soybeans are cut into smaller flakes for further extraction. Hexane is added through a counter flow extraction system to dissolve soybean oil. The leftover flakes are used for animal feed and other soybean products. The mixture of oil is evaporated to remove the hexane for further processing. Next, the remaining oil is filtered to remove any solid residue left from the previous process. Any dissolved impurities are removed by the degumming process. 


The degumming process of soybean oil is the removal of dissolved phosphatides through centrifugation. Water is added to the oil that allows the precipitation of phosphatides. The newly formed precipitate is heavier as phosphatides readily absorb water. The centrifugation process separates the heavy phosphatides from the oil phase to the water phase. 


The soybean oil is deacidified by solvent extraction method. The oil is mixed in methanol and agitated for further mixing. The existing free fatty acid in the oil will dissolve readily in methanol and decrease the concentration in the oil. As free fatty acid is the cause of the oxidation and unpleasant scent of the oil, it is important to remove the unnecessary free fatty acid in soybean oil. 


The deacidified soybean oil is broken down via hydrolysis. The process requires water to seperate the chains of triglycerides into glycerol/glycerine and fatty acid under high temperature and pressure. Hence, glycerine becomes available for extraction in this step.  

Glycerin pre-treatment

The mixture of glycerine and chain of fatty acids is further refined by distillation. The oil mixture is distilled to separate the fatty acids from the desired glycerine. The distillation column is heated to reach glycerin’s boiling point. Glycerine has lower boiling point; hence, glycerine will evaporate leaving fatty acid as liquid in the column. 


The glycerine extraction is not completed since methanol is still present from the deacidification process; therefore, evaporating the methanol from the glycerine is required to produce a readily refined glycerine. 


Origin Brazil