Palm Based

Refined Glycerine – Palm Based

The majority of refined glycerine production originated from palm oil as it contributes to 33% of global crop oil. Hence, refined glycerine production are heavily relied on palm based constituent. We offer the best quality of our palm grade refined glycerine with a variety of specifications. 

Manufacturing Process

Initially, palm fruit collected from the fields are threshed to remove the main stem and the spikelets attached to the fruit.  The collected palm fruit is sterilized by applying steam to the fruit. The high temperature treatment is to prevent oil splitting enzymes to undergo hydrolysis and oxidation of the oil. The sterilized palm fruits are digested through the process of mixing and pounding. The processed palm fruit is pressed to extract palm oil by a large hydraulic machine. As pressure is applied to the pulp, palm oil is secreted from the material and collected for further processing. The extracted palm oil is clarified by adding water to the oil. The mixture is filtered to remove the remaining solids left. 

Next, solvent extraction of palm oil is required to remove the free fatty acid by deacidification process. The palm oil is mixed in methanol by agitation. The existing free fatty acid will preferably dissolve in methanol instead of palm oil and will decrease the concentration. As free fatty acid is the cause of the oxidation and unpleasant scent of the oil. The deacidified palm oil is decomposed by hydrolysis reaction under high temperature and pressure. The process utilizes water to break down the chains of triglycerides into glycerol/glycerine and chains of fatty acid. In this step, glycerine becomes available for extraction.

Finally, the mixture of glycerine and chain of fatty acids is further refined by a series of separation processes. The oil mixture is distilled to separate the fatty acids from the desired glycerine. The distillation column is heated to promote evaporation of both glycerol and fatty acid. The extracted mixture of glycerine is not fully refined as leftover methanol has not been removed from the deacidification process; therefore, evaporating the methanol from the glycerine is required to produce a readily refined glycerine. 


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